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ADA HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE Portable Restroom Trailer

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Gotta Go Luxury Restroom Trailer ADA_edited.jpg

Our ADA HANDICAP-ACCESSIBLE Plus 2 Portable Restroom Trailer is specifically designed to accommodate the needs of disabled users and can also be utilized as a family suite by those caring for small children, a small wedding party who needs extra space to get ready, or older adults that need special assistance. It also has received a certification from the International Code Council (ICC) in accordance with The Americans with Disabilities Act.


Some of the features you’ll find in our ADA Handicap-Accessible Restroom Trailer include:


  • ADA Compliant 360 Degree Wheelchair Turning Radius Interior

  • ADA Compliant Easy-Button Flush Feature

  • ADA Compliant Porcelain Sink

  • ADA Compliant Handrails

  • ADA Compliant Paper Towel Dispenser

  • ADA Compliant 36” Entry Door

  • ADA Compliant 60” x 60” Platform with Handrails

  • ADA Compliant No-Slip Ramp System

  • ADA Compliant 1¼” stainless steel railings at the Unisex ADA suite.

  • Full Climate Controlled Heating and Air Conditioning

  • 1 Women's Suite

  • 1 Men's Suite

  • 1 ADA Unisex Suite ( also used as a Family Suite, Older Adults Needing Special Assistance, and an Extra Room for a Wedding Party)  

  • LED overhead lighting and occupancy indicator light at each entrance

  • A heavy duty steel telescopic stairs with deck platform and a double set of full size stainless steel handrails at each entrance

  • Restroom trailer is 13.5' W (with ramps and service door) x 24' L (with tongue)

  • It's ideal for 250 guests or less for up to 10 hours or 500 guests up to 5 hours



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